West Village Garden

This courtyard garden was envisioned as a true extension to this 19th-century townhouse, an additional room to be used, not just viewed. Introducing a simple level change created two distinct areas: a cobblestone-paved dining space with potted topiary; and a rear garden with loose gravel and soft perennials. A reclaimed brick wall envelopes the garden and adds warmth and texture, connecting the garden to the historic architecture.
Delineating the two spaces is a row of pleached Linden trees. This ‘hedge on stilts’ provides privacy from the neighboring buildings while preserving sightlines within the garden. An antique stone trough has been retrofitted as a water feature with an accompanying bronze spout and sits on axis at the rear of the garden, anchoring the view and beckoning visitors to come and explore.
a detail shot of a vine growing up a brick wall from behind an outdoor counter top
a view of the yard shows the fountain and seating area surrounded by a brick wall, plants, and gravel pathway

Project Credits

Michelle Zacks Interior Designer
Blaine Davis Photographer