Union Square

This dual-level penthouse terrace has two distinct garden spaces. The lower terrace, sited between two larger neighboring buildings, is an intimate space anchored by the ivy-clad guest cottage. Evergreen hedges used to disguise building equipment, are offset by a unique collection of vintage pots filled with sculptural ferns and lush plantings. These elements all combine to create a richly layered tapestry of green.
a pulled back view of the penthouse and stairs to the upper terrace
A view of the dining area and guest cottage between the brick walls and water towers of the adjacent buildings with string lights overhead
A variety of unique pots and planters
a detail of vines and string lights wrapped around the staircase's railing
The expansive sundrenched roof terrace feels relaxed and private despite its openness and is the ideal location to enjoy panoramic sunset views with the buzz of Union Square below. The existing wood flooring created a distinctively casual aesthetic, accentuated with vintage pots, and teak furnishings that were allowed to weather. Plant material was carefully chosen and placed to enhance the furniture arrangement, creating the perfect leafy backdrop. On an evening, simple up-lighting staggered throughout the planting gives a warm glow to the space and directs attention to the skyline beyond.
Reclining lounge chairs surrounded by planters and lanterns
A potted red-leafed Japanese maple tree with a neighboring water tower in the background
“The terrace provides all kinds of luxuries: birds, the ideal place to watch the changing light throughout the day, and, again, views of great architecture.”

Project Credits

Weddle Gilmore Architect
Nicholas Calcott Photographer

Decking, Banquette and wood planters by previous contractor