1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge represents a threshold between Dumbo’s industrial past and the natural, living elements of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the East River. For this project, Harrison Green was engaged to bring green moments to all the interior public spaces, as well as every one of the 200 suites in the hotel.
In the lobby, an impressive green wall showcases the industrial motif of the hotel, with its raw material palette and vast scale. Vegetation is invited to emerge and grow freely over a series of steel mesh panels with integrated grow lights; it is a constantly changing, living edifice. The wall creates a balance between the natural and the artificial, the old and the new, and seeks to reflect the tenacity of nature in a metropolis like New York City.
Detail of a stone water feature in a bed of plants
a high-angle view of the lobby with hanging lights pointing at the green wall installation
“Straying from the traditional concept of a ‘green wall’, this installation of form and greenery is based on the strategic way plants migrate in nature, allowing the vegetation to grow organically.”

Project Credits

Starwood Capital Group Clients
Marvel Architects Architect
Inc Architecture and Design & Starwood Capital Group Interior Designer
Lighting Workshop Lighting Designer
Nicholas Calcott Photographer